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Our Mission

Verde Soul is a business based in Columbia, MO, that focuses on teaching children and families how to forage for edible and medicinal wild foods in mid Missouri. Our core values include safe and sustainable foraging, fostering a soulful relationship with nature, and building community. We aim to provide valuable knowledge about foraging in the mid-Mo area so that you can experience the treasures of Missouri safely and responsibly.

Meet Your Plants!

Services We Offer

Private Consultations

Foraging mid-Mo

Speaking Engagements

Using Your Plants

From half an acre to 500, we will walk your land  and identify/educate you about the  edible and medicinal plants on your property.

  • Foraging 101

  • Youth foraging classes

  • Adult foraging classes

  • Women's foraging classes

Have an audience interested in wild edible plants? We would love to share our knowledge with your youth or adult group!

  • DIY Bodycare Products

  • Wild crafted home decor

  • Culinary Classes

  • Crafting Herbal Remedies


Why Choose Us

Certified Foragers

Our experienced guides are passionate about foraging and have extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Women Led

Wise Women have historically held the role of healers in communities and families. At Verde Soul, we are committed to continuing this tradition and empowering women to be the healers of today and tomorrow.

Unique Experiences

Our foraging experiences are tailored

to your interests and skill level, so you

can learn at your own pace.

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Get in Touch

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