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Our Mission

  1. Safe and Sustainable Foraging: We prioritize the safety of our foragers and the sustainability of the ecosystems we explore. In our information-saturated world, we emphasize discernment and the use of multiple sources to verify knowledge, ensuring our community learns reliable and accurate practices. Our commitment is to ensure that our foraging practices leave a positive impact on the environment, respecting the delicate balance of nature.

  2. Soulful Relationship with Nature: Our approach goes beyond the surface; we seek to build a soulful and transformative relationship with nature. We believe that foraging is not just about gathering food but about nourishing the spirit and cultivating a profound connection with the land.

  3. Education for All Ages: We are dedicated to educating children and families about the art and science of foraging in the heart of Missouri. Through interactive workshops, guided tours, and educational programs, we aim to instill a deep appreciation for the natural world for all ages, encouraging a lifelong connection with the environment.

  4. Continuous Learning and Shared Wisdom: At Verde Soul, we believe in the endless journey of learning. In our community, everyone is both a teacher and a student. We celebrate the idea that learning is a collaborative adventure, where each foraging experience brings new insights. Our commitment to continuous learning ensures that the exploration of nature's gifts remains an ever-enriching and evolving experience, guided by the wisdom of our ultimate teacher – Mother Earth

  5. Building Community: At Verde Soul, we believe in the power of community. We strive to cultivate connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for foraging, fostering a supportive and inclusive community that values nature, wellness, and sustainable living.

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